Claudiu Joacã-Bine is a London - based photographer. His work focuses on Portraiture, Fashion and Street Photography.


- outdoor / location shoots in central London

- 4 edits your choice in colour and black and white plus 1 edit my choice

- I schedule in roughly 2 hours for a shoot, not a problem if we go over 

- there is time for hair, make up or clothing change



- these sessions offer more freedom than the strict headshot format. My portraits like to capture who a person is and show them in their element.


1:1 tuition

- if you just bought a camera or you have had one for a while and want to improve your skills and learn techniques I can help you

- from basic principles to post production as well as choosing the gear and other tips and tricks to make better photos after 1 session already


I typically respond within one business day.